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Pilot Best Distance Date Duration Max Alt Flight no.
1Chris Foster19.4 km04/07/0950:28904 m18470
2Gary Stenhouse15.5 km07/03/171:20:38905 m17440
3Gary Stenhouse8.7 km14/09/2032:44661 m25217
4Brian Day6 km04/07/0926:06536 m21718
5Eddie Davis1.2 km27/02/1945:17458 m23306
6Chris Foster1 km15/03/2324:15320 m26226
7Gary Stenhouse1 km15/03/232:03:44413 m26041
8Gary Stenhouse0.7 km25-09-2123:30298 m25568
9Ron Don0.7 km06/03/2033:03319 m24458
10Chris Foster0.5 km14/09/2005:58224 m25218
11Eddie Davis0.5 km07/03/1710:55302 m17375
12Eddie Davis0.5 km12/10/2311:17336 m26447
13Gary Stenhouse0.5 km21/10/0620:42306 m21730
14Ron Don0.5 km18/03/191:33:29266 m23308
15Chris Foster0.4 km18/03/1924:28272 m23315
16Eddie Davis0.4 km10/11/2119:38245 m25606
17Gary Stenhouse0.4 km09/10/0635:38246 m21725
18Gary Stenhouse0.4 km19/11/0606:17229 m21726
19Gary Stenhouse0.4 km19/11/1630:23278 m19064
20Gary Stenhouse0.4 km24/12/181:01:58296 m22999
21Gary Stenhouse0.4 km25/11/0607:22233 m21733
22Gary Stenhouse0.4 km26/01/1034:43264 m21713
23Gary Stenhouse0.4 km30/12/1128:47272 m21738
24Gary Stenhouse0.4 km31/01/1606:51228 m18936
25Neil Smith0.4 km26/04/0834:11252 m19668
26Angus Beardsmore0.3 km28/09/1404:15228 m21915
27BILL SCOTT0.3 km18/03/1903:44223 m24901
28BILL SCOTT0.3 km18/03/1915:52263 m24900
29BILL SCOTT0.3 km19/11/1602:43219 m24686
30BILL SCOTT0.3 km28/09/1404:26237 m24792
31Brian Nellist0.3 km08/01/1706:10248 m17356
32Brian Nellist1290.3 km08/01/1704:00236 m23452
33Brian Nellist1290.3 km08/01/1706:10248 m23451
34Brian Nellist1290.3 km27/02/1920:37237 m23569
35Chris Foster0.3 km06/01/0732:22245 m17240
36Chris Foster0.3 km09/03/1802:42219 m22688
37Chris Foster0.3 km09/03/1806:50351 m17515
38Chris Foster0.3 km18/03/1923:42274 m23314
39Chris Foster0.3 km20/09/2202:59225 m25955
40Chris Foster0.3 km20/11/2219:38232 m25972
41Chris Foster0.3 km24/12/1817:09234 m22994
42Chris Foster0.3 km24/12/1847:26289 m22993
43Chris Little0.3 km24/07/1019:02318 m21719
44Eddie Davis0.3 km22/01/1502:57227 m21923
45Eddie Davis0.3 km24/12/1854:58266 m23017
46Gary Stenhouse0.3 km10/07/1010:52249 m21714
47Gary Stenhouse0.3 km10/07/1010:52252 m21715
48Gary Stenhouse0.3 km11/02/0628:52298 m21717
49Gary Stenhouse0.3 km19/11/2321:19248 m26465
50Gary Stenhouse0.3 km20/05/1732:41259 m19119
51Gary Stenhouse0.3 km21/10/0605:32225 m21727
52Gary Stenhouse0.3 km21/10/0608:58244 m21728
53Gary Stenhouse0.3 km21/11/0704:21227 m21712
54Gary Stenhouse0.3 km26/04/0834:52249 m21735
55Gary Stenhouse0.3 km31/01/1625:59238 m18971
56Liam Howley0.3 km05/05/1625:33252 m17268
57Mark Saunby0.3 km06/08/171:27:38251 m19177
58Neil Smith0.3 km20/05/0718:26261 m19446
59Neil Smith0.3 km26/04/0806:02245 m19669
60Ron Don0.3 km09/03/1830:41241 m17565
61Unknown0.3 km14/02/091:09:400 m18319
62BILL SCOTT0.2 km18/03/1912:29260 m24899
63BILL SCOTT0.2 km28/09/1409:47245 m21917
64Brian Nellist0.2 km10/11/2118:10240 m25788
65Brian Nellist0.2 km10/11/2135:54233 m25789
66Brian Nellist0.2 km14/09/2010:15285 m25434
67Brian Nellist0.2 km14/09/2010:50260 m25432
68Brian Nellist0.2 km14/09/2020:31251 m25433
69Chris Foster0.2 km14/09/2007:54243 m25219
70Chris Foster0.2 km14/09/2029:39298 m25220
71Chris Foster0.2 km15/03/2317:20286 m26229
72Chris Foster0.2 km18/03/1903:36223 m23316
73Chris Foster0.2 km18/03/1903:42207 m23318
74Chris Foster0.2 km18/03/1905:12227 m23313
75Chris Foster0.2 km18/03/1905:28228 m23317
76Chris Little0.2 km24/07/1012:17261 m21720
77Eddie Davis0.2 km05/02/2323:3860 m25990
78Eddie Davis0.2 km10/11/2109:53245 m25605
79Eddie Davis0.2 km12/10/2317:41286 m26446
80Gary Stenhouse0.2 km04/12/1822:38245 m22970
81Gary Stenhouse0.2 km18/03/1917:02257 m23312
82Gary Stenhouse0.2 km20/09/1515:51254 m18888
83Gary Stenhouse0.2 km20/09/1533:06265 m18921
84Gary Stenhouse0.2 km25/11/0608:28234 m21731
85Gary Stenhouse0.2 km25/11/0615:47260 m21734
86Gary Stenhouse0.2 km30/08/0624:47250 m21737
87Gary Stenhouse0.2 km31/01/1620:41241 m18969
88KALOYAN PAUNOV0.2 km26/10/1911:20249 m24375
89Neil Smith0.2 km09/09/0607:10229 m22375
90Neil Smith0.2 km20/05/0706:06252 m19436
91Neil Smith0.2 km30/08/0616:38239 m22370
92Neil Smith0.2 km30/08/0620:40273 m22371
93Steve Marshall0.2 km05/05/0606:44228 m17625
94Unknown0.2 km05/08/0624:32260 m17333
95mark saunby0.2 km09/10/2130:10241 m25856