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Pilot Best Distance Date Duration Max Alt Flight no.
1Kaloyan Paunov9 km04-06-221:32:34129 m25711
2Brian Day8.7 km07/02/101:12:41114 m20901
3Kaloyan Paunov8 km29-08-221:26:0298 m25921
4Kaloyan Paunov7.9 km02-06-2139:2186 m25407
5Unknown5.7 km15/03/081:24:000 m18048
6Gary Stenhouse5.3 km24/04/2153:4496 m25371
7Kaloyan Paunov5.1 km06-03-221:26:5181 m25627
8BILL SCOTT5 km05/07/1807:2263 m25009
9Kaloyan Paunov4.9 km04-06-2249:4694 m25723
10Wendy Patterson4.8 km10/10/1029:0188 m21769
11Chris Foster4.5 km08/08/1925:5473 m24044
12Unknown4.5 km23/04/121:17:400 m18776
13Chris Foster4.3 km09/08/2012:5777 m25195
14Chris Foster4.3 km09/08/2014:0676 m25241
15Chris Little4.1 km30/04/0716:4387 m20876
16Kaloyan Paunov4.1 km03-06-2237:3888 m25720
17Brian Day4 km15/03/0827:3067 m20909
18Ron Don4 km15/03/151:10:1071 m21987
19Eddie Davis3.9 km01/09/2242:2374 m25936
20Eddie Davis3.9 km02/04/2224:2371 m25661
21Eddie Davis3.9 km03/06/221:05:2966 m25763
22Eddie Davis3.9 km21/04/221:01:3374 m25754
23Brian Nellist3.8 km02/04/2232:5465 m25799
24Brian Nellist1293.8 km05/07/182:02:4380 m23513
25John Wallis3.8 km14/03/151:18:0041 m21986
26KALOYAN PAUNOV3.8 km29/10/191:43:3190 m24378
27Brian Nellist3.7 km03/06/222:04:1274 m25820
28Brian Nellist3.7 km11/07/1756:3472 m19503
29Brian Nellist1293.7 km11/07/1756:3472 m23453
30Eddie Davis3.7 km11/07/171:40:0070 m19579
31Kaloyan Paunov3.7 km06-03-2229:3565 m25626
32Wendy Patterson3.7 km10/10/101:03:1080 m21770
33Brian Nellist3.6 km27/04/2224:3981 m25807
34Brian Nellist3.5 km10/04/211:06:21101 m25455
35Kaloyan Paunov3.5 km02-04-2228:5165 m25735
36Chris Foster3.3 km30/09/1929:56108 m24051
37Chris Foster3.2 km10/04/211:00:15113 m25344
38Neil Smith3.2 km20/04/0813:2364 m19651
39mark saunby3.2 km03/06/2246:4072 m25767
40Chris Foster3.1 km17/04/1928:0262 m23397
41Chris Foster2.8 km13/04/0918:3367 m18399
42Kaloyan Paunov2.7 km29-08-2209:4060 m25918
43Chris Foster2.6 km02/06/2119:4963 m25393
44Chris Foster2.6 km08/08/1924:0268 m24049
45Eddie Davis2.6 km08/06/151:34:43193 m17346
46Chris Foster2.5 km02/04/2225:3895 m25669
47Brian Nellist2.4 km02/04/2245:3465 m25800
48Chris Foster2.4 km30/09/1917:14105 m24043
49Neil Smith2.4 km15/03/0813:0734 m19633
50Chris Foster2.3 km10/04/2121:2788 m25343
51Chris Foster2.3 km27/04/2233:5857 m25885
52Chris Foster Tandem2.3 km27/04/2233:5857 m25704
53Brian Nellist2.2 km15/03/1524:3858 m21932
54Chris Foster2.2 km13/05/0709:2282 m17895
55Unknown2.2 km15/03/0820:500 m18047
56Gary Stenhouse2.1 km24/04/2105:5857 m25372
57KALOYAN PAUNOV2.1 km29/03/181:13:58123 m23708
58Kaloyan Paunov2.1 km21-04-2235:3270 m25740
59Brian Nellist2 km27/04/2220:4475 m25806
60Kaloyan Paunov2 km03-06-2215:5763 m25715
61Kaloyan Paunov2 km27-04-2248:3277 m25743
62KALOYAN PAUNOV1.9 km01/04/182:03:26115 m23712
63Kaloyan Paunov1.9 km01-04-2114:5055 m25327
64Kaloyan Paunov1.9 km29-03-2222:1869 m25730
65Ron Don1.9 km01/05/1721:5574 m17404
66Chris Foster1.7 km04/02/1828:3034 m22681
67Chris Foster1.7 km24/04/1916:1166 m23407
68Eddie Davis1.7 km04/02/1819:0562 m17511
69Eddie Davis1.7 km16/03/1620:31168 m22210
70Eddie Davis1.7 km21/04/2217:3249 m25752
71KALOYAN PAUNOV1.7 km17/09/1949:1073 m24359
72Brian Nellist1291.6 km11/06/1852:0478 m23510
73John Wallis1.5 km13/05/1519:1538 m22023
74Kaloyan Paunov1.5 km01-04-2108:3069 m25325
75mark saunby1.5 km03/06/2211:1020 m25766
76Brian Nellist1291.4 km28/07/1907:2976 m24003
77Chris Foster1.4 km28/07/1929:3691 m24048
78mark saunby1.4 km03/06/2220:1029 m25769
79BILL SCOTT1.3 km26/02/1306:2255 m24706
80Dave McLaughlin1.2 km24/09/0819:2473 m20150
81KALOYAN PAUNOV1.2 km30/06/1830:4058 m23731
82mark saunby1.2 km03/06/2213:2559 m25768
83Alan Westmoreland1.1 km30/03/0721:590 m19394
84Brian Nellist1291.1 km11/06/1824:5070 m23509
85Chris Foster1.1 km30/03/0742:22245 m17842
86Alan Westmoreland1 km12/02/1038:430 m20144
87Chris Foster1 km02/04/2215:1459 m25664
88Chris Foster1 km30/09/1919:5681 m24052
89Kaloyan Paunov1 km29-03-2251:3666 m25733
90Unknown1 km08-06-2018:3168 m25118
91Brian Nellist0.9 km27/04/2210:5567 m25803
92Brian Nellist0.9 km27/04/2227:5466 m25805
93Eddie Davis0.9 km11/06/181:07:3092 m23038
94Eddie Davis0.9 km21/04/2229:3559 m25753
95KALOYAN PAUNOV0.9 km17/09/1904:3856 m24360
96KALOYAN PAUNOV0.9 km17/09/1915:1961 m24358
97Kaloyan Paunov0.9 km21-04-2213:0762 m25737
98Alan Westmoreland0.8 km12/02/1023:120 m20151
99Brian Nellist0.8 km11/07/1746:4653 m19502
100Brian Nellist0.8 km27/05/2022:27189 m25060
101Brian Nellist1290.8 km11/07/1746:4653 m23454
102Colin Keightley0.8 km08/10/1608:3243 m19054
103Eddie Davis0.8 km02/04/2215:0255 m25659
104Eddie Davis0.8 km02/04/221:06:5358 m25662
105Eddie Davis0.8 km02/04/2220:1177 m25660
106Eddie Davis0.8 km11/06/1817:2068 m23037
107Eddie Davis0.8 km27/05/2022:22200 m24611
108Eddie Davis0.8 km27/05/2044:45202 m24613
109Kaloyan Paunov0.8 km02-04-2215:5155 m25734
110Kaloyan Paunov0.8 km02-04-2226:0567 m25736
111Alan Westmoreland0.7 km12/02/1029:360 m20145
112Alan Westmoreland0.7 km12/05/102:24:540 m20149
113Brian Nellist0.7 km02/04/2223:3547 m25801
114Brian Nellist0.7 km02/05/1416:3048 m19963
115Brian Nellist0.7 km10/04/2112:3358 m25453
116Brian Nellist0.7 km27/04/2219:5469 m25804
117Brian Nellist0.7 km27/05/2014:15193 m25061
118Chris Foster0.7 km27/04/2209:0445 m25877
119Chris Foster0.7 km27/04/2220:0351 m25881
120Chris Foster Tandem0.7 km27/04/2209:0445 m25700
121Chris Foster Tandem0.7 km27/04/2220:0351 m25703
122Colin Keightley0.7 km08/10/1616:3159 m19052
123Dave McLaughlin0.7 km09/05/061:08:3246 m20146
124Dave McLaughlin0.7 km09/05/0632:2657 m20147
125Eddie Davis0.7 km27/05/2016:09203 m24612
126Gary Stenhouse0.7 km08/10/1611:0660 m19055
127Gary Stenhouse0.7 km08/10/1653:2461 m19078
128Helen Hurst0.7 km11/07/1727:4766 m19470
129John Miller0.7 km08/10/1611:4952 m22759
130Brian Nellist0.6 km10/04/2116:3362 m25454
131Chris Foster0.6 km02/06/2108:4383 m25405
132Chris Foster0.6 km04/02/1810:2947 m17513
133Chris Foster0.6 km27/04/2209:0436 m25878
134Chris Foster0.6 km27/04/2210:3244 m25879
135Chris Foster Tandem0.6 km27/04/2209:0436 m25701
136Chris Foster Tandem0.6 km27/04/2210:3244 m25702
137Brian Nellist0.5 km02/04/2205:5434 m25798
138Dave McLaughlin0.5 km09/05/0620:2140 m20148
139Eddie Davis0.5 km11/07/1705:0761 m19467
140Kaloyan Paunov0.5 km04-06-2204:3777 m25722
141Unknown0.5 km08-06-2005:2365 m25117
142Unknown0.5 km08-06-2056:5665 m25119
143BILL SCOTT0.4 km28/07/1903:2450 m24919
144Chris Foster0.4 km01/06/2002:4335 m24625
145KALOYAN PAUNOV0.4 km28/07/1911:0770 m24335
146KALOYAN PAUNOV0.4 km30/09/1905:0475 m24367
147Chris Foster0.3 km01/06/2002:2733 m24624
148KALOYAN PAUNOV0.3 km28/07/1902:2073 m24334
149KALOYAN PAUNOV0.2 km27/06/1903:0129 m24309